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Backhoe Loader History

Terex Backhoe Loader History - Over 50 years of Innovation showing models from 1959 - 1992 . M P Crowley (Cork) Ltd, Terex Agents Ireland

Terex Backhoe Loader History - Over 50 years of Innovation showing models from 1996 - 2013. M P Crowley (Cork) Ltd, Terex Agents Ireland

Over 50 years of Innovation

Founded on generations of hard working machines since 1959, today’s Terex backhoe loader takes pride in providing incredible site performance.


The heritage of the Terex® backhoe loader dates back to the Massey- Harris-Ferguson era of the 1950s and, in particular, commencement of production of the Tractor Digger Shovel (the “Three in One’) in Manchester.


Introduction of the 203/205 and 65S/65R models. S models utilised a 6 speed manual transmission and the R models featured a 4 speed Instant Reverse version. These models were updated in 1965 with the creation of the 203/205Mk 2 and 3165S/3165R models. This year also saw the 220 backhoe with 5 position Power – Slide enter the market.


Major product improvements made with the introduction of the 3303/3305 models. The 250 loader incorporated a mechanical selflevelling bucket to reduce spillage during lifting and lowering. The new 252 sideshift backhoe incorporated the patented Hydra- Slide mechanism with hydraulic clamping.


The legendary 50.B model with new safety cab and improved loader and backhoe performance. This machine also included an automatic end of stroke cushioning feature in the backhoe boom cylinder. Further improvements included the introduction of four wheel drive in 1980 and the 50.B Mk 2 with extended stabiliser legs in 1981.


Introduction of the Power Shuttle Transmission which replaced the Instant Reverse version by new MF Industrial division. This transmission included synchromesh gear shifting and softshift direction changes which were fitted to the new 50.H/50.HX models.


Creation of the Fermec brand following the management buyout of MF Industrial. A year later, a major product change occurred resulting in the introduction of the series 90 range featuring the 750, 860, 865 and 965 models. These backhoes continued to be marketed under the MF Industrial name.


Following the Case buyout of Fermec in 1996, the MF Industrial name was dropped from the product line. In the North American market, these machines were now marketed under the Kobelco America name and included the TLK 750, 860 and 965.


In 2001 Fermec became part of the Terex Corporation opening up new business opportunities around the world.


Backhoe loader production transferred from the Manchester factory to a brand new Terex facility in Coventry. The Perkins Tier 2 engine and pilot operated controls on the 880 and 980 models were also introduced this year.


Terex® backhoe loaders, with a 50 year heritage, continue to offer customers worldwide an excellent return on their investment.


Terex launches the next generation of the backhoe loader with the TLB840.


Phase 2 of the next generation backhoe loader sees the launch of the TLB890.


The "top of the range" Terex TLB990 backhoe loader is launched


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